Call Me "Doctor" Watson

IBM's Jeopardy-winning Watson supercomputer is showing promise in the field of medicine, one of the areas of research that was alluded to early in the history of this remarkable tool. In this case the field is Oncology, the study and treatment of cancers, and it's hoped that by matching up Watson's mighty "brain" with data and expertise from a leading cancer hospital like Memorial Sloan-Kettering will yield results that will be of great benefit as far as refining treatments and cures for the ghastly diseases.

Watson voraciously digests information for later use when called upon by users. MSK fed Watson gobs of data on the complexities of cancer and the explosion of genetic research that has set the stage for the computing system to assist doctors and nurses in changing care practices for many cancer patients with highly specialized treatments based on their personal genetic tumor type.


ibm watson

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