PC Adventure Games - How It Began

Contemporary computer games come in a dazzling variety, even as we tend to categorize them into certain genres. One such style of game, one that was really aided by the ability of a computer programming language to branch off from a main story thread, was the Adventure Game. In those early times, personal computers did not even have the ability to create what we would consider as "graphics", so the games relied upon the player's imagination to do the work (as a good novel might). The game would briefly describe a scene, and the player would perform an action (moving North, using an available item, and so on) - thus the game progressed, drawing the player into an imagined adventure. How-To Geek has a great article describing the first of these games ("Adventure" or "Colossal Cave"), the story behind it, and the other games it spawned back in the 1970's and afterwards.

pc adventure games

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