Smartphones Keep On Comin'

We are all pretty familiar with the "big names" in smartphones - the Apple iPhone, the Android phones from various makers, Windows phones - and even Blackberry is making some noise again after a bot of a hiatus. Bear in mind, these devices are hardware and software - the actual phone, and then the operating system; both work to create the whole experience. Well, it looks like at least a couple of more players are on the way - Ubuntu and Mozilla.

Both of these newcomers are based upon the Linux operating system; indeed Ubuntu is a desktop Linux operating system. Most people don't realize that Android is already based upon Linux - so why do we need more Linux-based smartphones? Good question, and it's not really clear if we do or not.

"Look and feel" is the big attraction for most smartphone users; the hardware should feel right, and the software should ideally be fast, functional and get out of your way to let you accomplish the tasks you are trying to do. Here is a look at Ubuntu Phone OS from  -

The Mozilla Firefox Phone OS on the other hand, from the description below sounds more like a sort of "Chromebook" approach (where most of your "stuff" is not actually on the device itself but "in the cloud"). Not sure how that will work out, but it's early days in the project yet. Who knows, one of these may be the next big thing...

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