Happy 20th Birthday, Intel Pentium!

The Intel Pentium computer processing chip was introduce some 20 years ago today, back in 1993 - the processor being the hard-working part of the PC, it's "brain" if you like. The Pentium family included the unwieldy beast shown below.

While the early Pentiums were nothing to write home about (they were barely faster than the 486DXs that they replaced), the P6 architecture — which debuted in the Pentium Pro, but wouldn’t truly find its feet until the Pentium 3 — was a complete and utter beast. In terms of comparative performance, Intel certainly had the lead over x86 clones (AMD, Cyrix) throughout the Pentium 1 and 2 eras, but it wasn’t until the P3 Coppermine/Tualatin cores, released in 1999, that Intel performance edge really began to show.


[caption id="attachment_6836" align="alignleft" width="500"]Pentium II A big honkin' Pentium II[/caption]

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