Pope Malware Doing The Rounds

As usual, the folks who peddle malware like to cash in on whatever is popular or in the public consciousness at the moment - and this time it's His Holiness the Pope. Under the guise of "news alerts" from CNN of the BBC, emails are being sent out containing links to websites hosting malware. The "CNN" emails feature titles like "Pope Sued Over Sexual Abuse", although the current crop of ones supposedly from the BBC mostly feature less lurid subjects, such as references to banks in Cyprus. As usual, be careful what you click on (or better yet just don't click on links in emails in general). As with most tricks, if you hover your mouse pointer over the suspect link (don't click!), you can see that the link does not go to CNN at all - see the image below.

[caption id="attachment_6831" align="aligncenter" width="296"]Click to enlarge Click to enlarge[/caption]

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