RFID Bank Cards - Easier Pickings?

Bank cards (credit and debit) usually have that magnetic stripe, where you slide the card through a reader - sometimes several times - and can then make your transaction. The magnetic stripe contains the card information so you don't need to enter the card number manually. A new breed of card using the RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) chip is becoming more common, and you only have to tap those against the  "reader" to start your transaction - no swiping needed.


However, there is now the possibility that your card may be able to be read from your wallet in your hip pocket, by some ne'er-do-well with a reader brushing up against you on the subway. If the card can be read in that manner, the bad guys should be able to work their magic and start draining your account.

You can buy wallets and purses that can "shield" the card from being read, and there are other things you might try to increase safety - such as carrying your wallet in your front pocket (someone may be less inclined to try to "touch" that area).

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