Twitter Search Tool Update

Twitter is a pretty fun distraction, but one of the tools I have used quite a bit - and have mentioned here - seems to be having problems. For about the last week, the site has been displaying the plaintive message:

Temporary problems with Twitter. Try to refresh page.

Twinitor is a site where you can search Twitter feeds by keyword or by hashtag, without having to sign into Twitter itself, or even needing a Twitter account. A Twitter-Logohashtag (sometimes shown as "#hashtag") on Twitter is a descriptive word or short phrase with a "#" on the front - like #justinbieber or #potus (President of the United States).  People who use Twitter can place hashtags in their Tweets so they may get more visibility or be more readily found.

Thankfully, there are alternatives to Twinitor - one of which is Twazzup, which allows you to do much the same thing, namely search for Tweets by term or hashtag. You can also search by the Tweeter's handle (mine is @oldgoatguide). All is Well.

*update 3/5 - Twinitor seems to be back on track - yay! Choice is good.

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