Windows 7 Support And SP1

Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system will be supported through 2020, meaning Microsoft will will supply security updates and so on till that time. Importantly though, you will need to have Service Pack 1 installed to continue to receive these; if you do not have Windows 7 SP1, then further updates will be unavailable after a few more months. Don't panic though, as SP1 is being "pushed out" through Windows Updates over the next few weeks - so unless you have updates completely disabled (!), you should get it eventually. You can verify you have SP1 installed or not as follows:

  • Click on Start and then Control Panel.

  • Click on the System and Security link, or system icon.

  • Click on the System link.

If you have Service Pack 1, it will state that; if you don't, there will be no mention of SP1 (it won't say "no service pack" or anything like that)

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