Windows 8 And Mainstream Users

Microsoft's latest OS, Windows 8, seems to still be on the runway, trying to pick up enough speed to actually take off. It's selling, but not at anything like the rate Microsoft (and PC makers) had hoped for. It's a solid OS, but the attempt to be a PC OS and a tablet OS (or a bridge from one to the other) is causing confusion  and resistance among regular computer users.


An interesting observation from the book "Simple and Usable" by Giles Colborn breaks computer users down into three categories:

A small group of experts, with an eagerness to learn (maybe 1%).

A larger group of willing adopters, who expect - or at least don't mind - something of a learning curve (maybe 9%).

The rest of us, mainstreamers, who just want to get on with things without being pulled out of their comfort zone.

Using this backdrop, one can see why Windows 8, with it's new Metro/Modern interface is rubbing the mainstreamers the wrong way - particularly as Windows 7 is now seen as "Windows" by most consumers (even though we had to go through the Vista experiment to get there).

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