25% Of PCs Are Not Protected Against Malware

Oof, that's scary! According to Microsoft's own Security Intelligence Report, a fourth of Windows computers worldwide are not protected from malware. "Malware" is the catch-all name for viruses, trojans and other nasties. I think some of the blame may go to those bundled "trial" antivirus products you get when you buy a new PC - after the trial period, the things don't update, and so you will be unprotected from new threats. A lot of consumers either don't notice, don't bother, or don't know how to do anything about it. While Windows 8 is sold with a basic antivirus program in the form of Windows Defender, other versions of Windows were not. At the very least, uninstall the trial virus software (it's not helping you at this point) and install Microsoft Security Essentials - it's free, updates automatically, and is a lot better than nothing. Here are some other rated free antivirus products. C'mon, people!

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