Back Up Your Gmail Account

Gmail is a Google staple, so it's unlikely to "go away" like some other Google products have recently (looking at you, Google Reader). Nevertheless, if you have important stuff in your Gmail account(s), then you may want to have a back up on your computer. Things do break (yes, even Cloud-based storage), and Google has little responsibility for your stuff with a free account. Your account might suspended too, either legitimately or accidentally - unlikely, but it happens.

There are a couple of main ways to accomplish this; one would be to set up an email client (a program that allows you to read email, rather than just accessing Gmail via your browser) and let that sync up with your Gmail account. That synced up data will then be available on your local computer, even if your Gmail account is not longer available online for some reason. 

Another way is you simply download the data itself to your computer, using one of several available utilities to do that. Bear in mind that Gmail allows you several GB of storage, and if you are using a good chunk of that it may take some time (multiple hours) to download all that data to your computer.

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Gmvault is another free download utility, but is a bit more complicated, in that you need to use some typed in commands, rather than running it from a slick interface - it's available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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