Being A Baby Boomer

Being a Baby Boomer was not something I thought about as a young man in Scotland - I mean, why would I? In what seems like a pretty short period of time, though, here I am - with hair growing from my ears but not from my head. I do recall daydreaming in High School about where I would be and what I would be doing in the year 2000, which seemed like a really far-flung and inscrutable future in 1975. It had occurred to me I might be not be in Scotland, and I may have dreamily thought of Australia, which in those days was one of those places one might have gone from the UK in search of whatever it is one searches for in life.

A rather horrific transformation...

I did not think of the United States though. Not my cup of tea, I thought; too big, too brash for my rather provincial sensibilities at the time. Nevertheless, it came to pass in 1982 when I landed in Boston, MA and took up residence with my wife in Cleveland Ohio. Electronics was my chief interest at the time, but since graduating and starting to work in the field, I gradually transitioned to computers and all things IT (Information technology).

So, why the truncated biography? Only to assure any younger readers that, at least for this baby boomer, there was no plan to rob them blind, to shower them with debt, or burden them with my approaching old age. I just stumbled and bumbled through life like most of us have, and like most of them will do. We are just people too; older and sometimes wiser, sometimes not - just trying to make the best of whatever life throws at us.

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