DHS To Nail Down USB Drives

USB drives, particularly the solid-state flash drives - those little "thumb drives" - are a great convenience, inexpensively replacing older tech like floppies, zip drives and even recordable CDs and DVDs. However, when something is convenient, portable and phyflash floppysically small, it may also be insecure in an IT environment. Files can be copied in an unauthorized manner, or legitimate data may be taken offsite and the flash device lost. The Department Of Homeland Security, or DHS, is making an effort to bring some security to bear on the problem.

...DHS has awarded a three-year blanket purchase agreement to Promark Technology, distributors of the Kanguru Defender Elite secure USB drives. The Defender Elite’s encryption model is FIPS 140-2 certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, so it meets DHS requirements for handling sensitive information. Its onboard antivirus, tamper-resistant design and remote management capabilities make it a good choice for use in secure environments.


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