Google Glass Pre-Launch Problems

Google Glass is the company's forthcoming wearable smart device, and while definitive hardware specifications are a bit vague, there seems to be a bit of a backlash already about the privacy and social aspects of this kind of technology. The basic idea is a wearable device that looks like spectacle frames, but with a built in display and a camera. The camera is the problem. The idea of taking video or snapshots on the spur of the moment, without needing to pull out a camera or smartphone is an attractive one, but some are leery of such an ability in a public setting. Even Google's executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, has admitted using the device can at times be "weird" or" inappropriate". These are not inexpensive devices either, it's expected they will cost over $1,000 when they finally arrive in a year or so - so it's not a trivial thing to go out and buy it. Already some public businesses, like bars, have expressed concern and are talking about banning Google Glass wearers (and can you imagine inadvertently wearing them with visiting a public restroom...)?

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