Microsoft Pressing On

Following on the heels of a very poor year of PC sales with some of the blame being attached to Microsoft and the Windows 8 operating system, it looks like Microsoft is pressing on further into the tablet market with a future 7 inch device, presumably running Windows RT. That form factor seems to be a popular one with consumers, and if Microsoft can get some more robust apps for Windows RT, they may be able to get a bigger piece of the action. Windows RT is the "lite" version of Windows 8, designed for tablet hardware. Back in 2001, Bill Gates actually predicted tablet sales would surpass PCs - so this is not their first foray into the tablet market. Windows 8, the desktop version, remains a so-so seller, and it's unclear if the proposed Windows Blue strategy of yearly updates (like Apple does with OS X) will generate some more interest/purchases.

[caption id="attachment_7037" align="aligncenter" width="300"]microsoft Bill Gates pitching tablets back in the day[/caption]

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