NYPD Testing Crime-Busting App

It seems to me this kind of information used to be part of a beat cop's stock-in-trade (kept in his or her head), but I guess as we don't really have beat cops anymore that just makes me an old fuddy-duddy. An Android app is being tested by NYPD which gives officers on-the-spot information on criminals and criminal activity. Apparently, it's more effective and faster that the computers in the patrol cars.

For a single apartment building, the app will tell officers which residents have criminal records, which have open warrants, which are on parole, which are registered gun owners, and which have been involved in domestic violence calls – all with photos, when available.

It will tell them how many arrests have taken place in the building recently, for which crimes, and on which floors. It will even tell them the locations of any surveillance cameras in the area, whether they are located in the building itself or at a business across the street.


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