Wednesday To Get Modern Style Ads

If you are using Outlook, Microsoft's free web-based email service, and have been enjoying that clean and simple look - well, buckle up, 'cos the ads are coming. They have to pay for the thing somehow, I suppose. The ads will supposedly fit into the Modern aesthetic, in other words the will have the Windows 8 or Windows Phone "look" to them - not sure if that helps, but there you go.
At first glance, the ads appear similar to the text ads Gmail users get in their inbox, but when you hover over the Outlook ads, they reveal images, videos, or more info. The Outlook ads are targeted at online retailers, who can pick from three templates for slideshows, videos, images, or catalogue style adverts.
"They're built with the same modern-design philosophy to ensure people using have a great experience and see ads in places that can enrich their mail experience, not deter from it," wrote Microsoft Advertising General Manager in a blog post announcing versaTiles.

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