Remember This? First Man On The Moon

It's hard to forget something like that, the first time humanity dipped it's toes into the edge of the unimaginably vast ocean that is space when Neil Armstrong descended from the lunar lander and shuffled onto the lunar surface. The truly astonishing part was that this all came about on July 20th 1969, less that ten years after President Kennedy issued his remarkable challenge to put a man on the moon (and bring him back safely). Also the spacecraft involved had far less computing power than the most basic smartphone we have now - less than a moderately sophisticated pocket calculator, in fact. The participants, for all their training and flying experience, were really letting it all hang out there - and we got to watch. Live.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I definitely remember. So exciting and heart- throbbing for me. My new husband worked as a designer for NASA. We were watching the landing on TV. Buzz Aldrin was on TV tonight and it has been 45 years since his descent onto the moon with Neil Armstrong. I remain married to same man for over 45 years. We ask, Where has the time gone?

Richard Keggans said...

45 years? Congratulations! Yes, the years just slip away, don't they?