Remember This? Jurassic Park

Twenty years ago (and on re-release now), a remarkable movie was brought to life by Steven Spielberg and a slew of actors, artists and technicians. Jurassic Park, based upon the novel of the same name by Michael Crichton, features remarkable representations of both large and small dinosaurs (brought back to life through genetic engineering for a fictitious "amusement park" in the story). The movie featured one of the first uses of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) on a significant scale to provide still-convincing creatures, running, fighting and generally causing carnage. A couple of things really "sell" the dinosaurs; one is small touches, such as the T-Rex's pupil contracting when a flashlight hits it. The other is a skillful blending of CGI and "real" dinosaurs (animatronic creatures and puppets), so you can get the best of both types of screen magic - plus, having Steven Spielberg directing and Stan Winston providing the "real" creatures doesn't hurt either.

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