Remember This? Pan Am

Pan Am - Pan American World Airways - was one of those companies that was so ingrained into the fabric of the 20th century, that it's hard to believe it has been gone since 1991. The airline started in 1927, and grew from humble beginnings to being the quintessential US airline. When I was a kid in Scotland, my friends and I went on plane spotting (not trainspotting!) trips to nearby Prestwick International Airport, and by far the coolest US airline in our minds was Pan Am. The planes were called Clippers, the flight crew wore cool white caps, and the stewardesses (as they were termed then) always looks like a million bucks (as seen on the Pan Am TV series). So, no bias from me then. But by far the best Pan Am moment for me was when the shuttle craft in Stanley Kubrick's movie 2001: A Space Odyssey sported the blue and white Pan Am livery. Ironically, the airline was no more in 2001, the year the 1968 movie was largely set in...

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