Remember This? The Sega Game Gear

In 1991, Sega tried to wrestle the hand held portable gaming crown away from Nintendo's Game Boy, which had been flying off the shelves for a couple of years. Sega brought us the Game Gear - another portable, cartridge-based video game platform, but this time with a color display vs the Game Boy's monochrome offering. The Game gear was popular - we had one of the 11 million sold at our house - and it was a nice design, but despite killing off a couple of other color rivals like the Atari Lynx, it never really gave the Game Boy too much trouble. Battery life was pretty bad because of the backlit color display, so you had to keep feeding it with 6 alkaline AA batteries for every four hours of play. There were a good selection of game titles though, and if memory serves, the gaming experience was pretty great.

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