Tablets Slowing PC Peripheral Market Too

The tablet tsunami is not only slowing PC sales in a dramatic fashion, it's also affecting the folks that make keyboards, mice, etc., such as Logitech. While you can use keyboards with tablets, it's not necessary in the manner it is with a traditional PC. To pull out a hoary old reference, it's like the buggy-whip makers being in trouble when the first wave of automobiles hit.
The industry shift to slabs didn't just catch out major PC makers: peripherals builder Logitech also found life hard going, judging by the amount of red ink scrawled over its Q4 2012 financial figures.
The mouse, keyboard and speaker tech purveyor reported operating losses of $37m for Q4 (ended 31 March), including $16m in restructuring charges as well as a $6m goodwill impairment. This compared unfavourably to an operating profit of $24m a year ago.

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