Texting Hurts Spelling, Grammar

Language is very much a moving target; apart from the fact that we have a lot of different languages, words and phrases fall in and out of favor, and the language evolves over time. Right now, there is concern being expressed over our young people growing up using the abbreviated form of language when texting one another on smartphones or messaging on Twitter. It's widely felt that this hurts their ability to use English - or any languages - in essay form, or even when answering questions on job applications. The infographic below from OnlineCollege.org paints the picture.

Middle school students are the most common culprits of techspeak — a problem, because those are their most formative learning years, according to the study, which pointed out that the more often kids receive a message with textese, the more likely they are to send one with the same sort of language.

[caption id="attachment_6944" align="aligncenter" width="500"]lolpeak Click for complete Infographic

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