The Easiest Way To Use Dropbox

Cloud sync or backup programs like Dropbox are now pretty popular as a low-effort way of keeping  a copy of your important stuff elsewhere (i.e. in the Cloud). Typically, you install the Dropbox software and it creates a special folder on your computer. If you want to backup files, you copy them to this folder. You can still access them normally and any changes are synced up with the Cloud copy.

The nice thing about this sort of software is that if you have a second (or third) computer, you can install Dropbox on it and also have access to those same files. However, I submit that the absolute least effort, no-brainer way to use Dropbox (and some other similar programs) on your Windows PC is to use it to sync your "My Documents" folder. That way, the files that you normally use and keep in My Docs are all synced up/backed up without your doing anything at all. If you open  you resume and make a change, when you save the changes, those changes are reflected in your Cloud copy.

The way to do this is to tell Windows to use the Dropbox folder for the location of My Documents instead of the default location. There's nothing weird or "hacky" about this, Window XP has long allowed you to alter the location of My Documents, and it's easy enough in Window 7 and Windows 8.

Prior to doing this, make sure you don't more data than you have space available on your Dropbox (the free account starts at 2GB). You won't break anything, but your Dropbox will fill up...

Here's how:

Windows 8 (video!)

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