What Is A Baby Boomer?


A Baby Boomer "is a person who was born during the demographic post-World War II baby boom between the years 1946 and 1964, according to the U.S. Census Bureau." (Wikipedia). That would include myself and my wife. However, I have noticed - and maybe I am looking in the wrong places - an unwritten though apparently widely held concept of the Baby Boomer as a cadre of white, wealthy, greedy people. I also see a lot of "The boomers should just hurry up and die"...

Certainly, most of the politicians, bankers and others that have led us into our current malaise (or crisis, depending on who you speak to) may fit the above description. It's a huge leap though, to slap all of "us" with that particular coat of paint. Baby Boomers come in all flavors, sizes, colors, and levels of income and savings. The one couple I know that are "wealthy" (i.e. can comfortably afford to retire), worked for more than 30 years at decent jobs to earn that ability.

Just as younger people get tired of the notion that they are all pot-smoking, navel-gazing, lazy ingrates, we have the same eye-rolling reaction to the current perception of our generation. We are all people. Demographics are fine, and I write this blog as a boomer (I can't help that, because I am one) and will bring up retirement and so on from time to time just because it's something I think about.

But don't let demographics, labels and prejudices get in the way of our shared humanity, hopes and dreams. Oh, and don't fret - we'll die soon enough.

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