What Is A Chromebook Anyway?

A Chromebook is a laptop device from Google that is very Cloud-centric. The operating system used on the laptop is really the Chrome browser running on top of some basic Linux underpinnings, and the whole package is known as Chrome OS.

Most Chromebooks are targeted to the lower end of the price scale (around $250), and come with a laptop-size screen, and a real keyboard. The Chromebook is an effort to really use the Cloud as your storage platform, and indeed that is where most of the apps are running too - so you typically need an Internet connection (either via WiFi or a mobile data plan) to get any real work done.

There are pros and cons to this approach; the Chromebook is effectively using Netbook-type hardware, but with the slimmer Chrome OS operating system to allow decent performance. The Chromebook has improved quite a bit since it's initial release in mid-2011, and HowToGeek has a nice article "Living With The Chromebook: Can You Live With Just The Chrome Browser?"

A Samsung Chromebook

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