Windows 8 And Windows Blue

So, you should be aware of Windows 8 by now; even though it is catching on more slowly than Microsoft would have liked, it has a growing presence simply because it's Windows. Windows 8 is changing a lot of things - there's the modern interface, of course, with it's Windows Phone-like tiles. It's a pointed effort to leave the Start button behind and embrace the tablet sensibility. There is also Windows RT, a version of the OS designed for tablet hardware - a sort of "Windows lite", again emphasizing mobile computing devices.

windows 8 logo

Not only that, now there is Windows Blue, a codename for the first of a new series of Windows 8 releases due later this year (already?!). These appear more along the lines of Apple's Mac OS X releases, with yearly "point release" updates rather than the traditional Windows Services Pack release, with whole new versions every 3-5 years. The first iteration of Windows "blue period" will likely be designated Windows 8.1, and if anything expect more tablet features rather than a step back towards the desktop.

One important question here is how will Enterprise customers respond to this? Large businesses and corporations are big Microsoft customers and their IT departments dislike software updates in general, and operating system updates in particular. It's a big deal to undertake such a thing with hundreds or even thousands of computers. Some are only now being squeezed into upgrading to Windows 7 from Windows XP, never mind to Windows 8 and beyond. How will yearly upgrades of Window 8 to Windows 8.1, 8.2, etc. be received by corporate bean counters and IT folk?

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