Another Scummy Piece Of Deceptive Malware

A good number of Windows users rely on Microsoft Security Essentials as their primary (only?) antivirus solution; it's free, works fairly well and is unobtrusive. With that in mind, the Bad Guys have come up with the latest in an ongoing pattern of deception - a fake virus message will pop up (looking exactly like MS Security Essentials), and when you click "clean computer" on the fake warning, you unknowingly download and run the real malware. More details and screenshots at Help Net Security.
"There are a number of ways to figure out that this is a false alert," the researchers point out. "The first is that it’s a website message and not a program; the second is that location of the web site will be a random string of letters."
Still, there are users who will fall for it and press the "Clean computer" button, and end up downloading an executable that currently drops a fake malware removal tool ("XP Security Cleaner Pro") on the victim's computer and several more malicious files

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