Board Games Redux

Baby Boomers like me may recall those far away days before video games came on the scene; we would play with quaint board games, with a colorful cardboard play surface and plastic or metal play pieces of some kind, and actually sit around a table (in person!) and kill a couple of hours with friends. Board games of various kinds have been around for thousands of years, but now that video games are struggling in the current economy, board games are coming back - except with a twist. Sure, Monopoly and Life are still around and making money, but the new crop of board games are more likely to be tied into video games themselves - from substantial titles such as RPGs (role playing games) like World Of Warcraft to lighter, arcade type games such as Bejeweled.
Video game tie-in board games tend to be different. Dripping with game-licensed themes, packed with cool-looking components and rulebooks that run to tens of pages, learning their ins and outs can be an undertaking on the scale of mastering the games themselves. Or bigger.

Getting down (on the floor) with the WOW board game

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