Browser Scoreboard - May 2013

With Mozilla Firefox version 21 becoming generally available tomorrow, I thought it would be a good time to do my every-once-in-a-while Windows browser scoreboard, taking a look at which version is which these days. The main web browsers that Windows users deal with are Internet Explorer (Microsoft's built-in web browser), Google's Chrome, and Mozilla's Firefox. Why would you not just use Internet Explorer? IE historically has suffered from some notable security issues, and a lot of security exploits still target that browser. Also, Google and Firefox have some other features such as the availability of extensions to add functionality; both of those browsers also have their own Acrobat PDF reader, which may allow you to avoid using Adobe Acrobat reader, which also has had quite poor security history. So, where are we today?

Internet Explorer - - version 10 (version 8 if you use Windows XP)
Google Chrome - - version 26
Mozilla Firefox - - version 21

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