Hollywood Nostalgia In Pictures

Many of us, baby boomers and seniors especially perhaps, still enjoy the "classic" Hollywood movies; not only were they often solid entertainment, but there is a sense of familiarity - a comfort level - in seeing greats like James Cagney, Ava Gardner, Jimmy Stewart, Bette Davis (insert you own favorites) doing their thing.

In the golden age of Hollywood, the studios were heavily involved in the creation of a star's persona, controlling access, changing names and doctoring biographies to suit the image the studio wished to project. Also, there was an abundance of stylish photos, both for the glossy magazines and the fan publications of the time.

These photos were often every bit as "fake" as the current crop of Photoshopped Plastic People that we see at the grocery checkout, except the tweaks were usually done by makeup, lighting and hand retouching (sometimes on the photographic negatives themselves - definitely a lost skill).

One great site for viewing (and downloading) these sorts of images is Dr Macro; there are both color and black and white images, and ready made wallpaper images. Definitely a place you can get lost in for several hours. Note that the images are typically full size scans, and can take a moment to come into view.
It's hard to find full-sized, top quality movie images, so we decided to create this site.  Each scan can take up to several hours to prepare properly to achieve the desired quality.  Our goals include:  high quality pictures, frequent updates, easy site navigation, no ads or pop-ups, accuracy, and everything presented in good taste.  We hope you'll agree that we've met these objectives and download all your favorites
Note that the image of a young Grace Kelly below is NOT full size or full resolution. Still dreamy, though!

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