Internet Explorer Safest Browser - Wait, What?

In a result that seems counter-intuitive (at least at first) a new survey from NSS Labs declares Internet Explorer 10 to the the most resistant to malware downloads among the major Windows browsers - and by a pretty big margin over Chrome and Firefox. While I am not disputing the conclusion, bear in mind a couple of things - this refers only to IE 10, which you cannot install on Windows XP. This is also referring only to the "naked" browser, with no security extensions or add-ons, such as those you can use with the other contenders. Those caveats aside, it's good news for most users who probably use Internet Explorer anyway since it comes with Windows.
So what's the reason for the difference? Safari, Firefox and Opera all rely solely on URL blacklists to block potential attacks. Chrome and Internet Explorer both have additional "context agnostic malware protection" (CAMP). In IE’s case this is called "Application Protection" whereas Chrome names it "Download Protection".

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