Moving Forward, While Harking Back

The Register is a UK technology site with a snarky attitude (which is why I like it). One of the contributors to the site is testing an interesting approach to a phone service for seniors. The idea was based upon a comment to the site, and upon a French company who offers a similar service. Typically, a senior would use the phone to connect them directly to a call center (harking back to "the operator" in days or yore). The modern twist is that the software at the call center can pull up the caller's contacts, so that if the caller asks to be connected to their son Billy (for example), the call center can find Billy, then connect the call or send a text message, as needed. So the benefit is that personal touch, and the ability to easily place calls by name, rather than trying to remember or to read a number from the phone. I'm not aware of anything similar in the US yet, let me know if you do.

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