Technological Advances, Or Just Fiddling About?

In case you haven't noticed, there isn't a whole lot that is actually new under the sun these days. What there is, it seems to me, is a lot of fiddling about with existing products. Windows 8.1, the forthcoming upgrade to Windows 8, looks to be getting a Start button of sorts back again. Smartphones and tablets grown and shrink is size respectively - a new phone from HTC, the T6, is supposed to have a 5.9 inch display. The new sweet spot for tablet computers is shrinking and 7 inch models seem to be where it's at. Apple, long known for operating systems featuring "skeuomorphic" designs, is now apparently favoring a flat, more stark appearance for iOS 7 (which will power their iPhones and iPads). All interesting in themselves - but nothing really new, just tweaks, just fiddling about. I don't mind that so much with software, it's often an evolutionary process; but when the new pieces of hardware are just a bit better than the old one, and they get refreshed regularly (looking at you, iPhone) - it can get expensive, and I have a hard time embracing that.

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