What Is Pandora Radio?

Pandora Radio is a streaming music service, available as a free or paid service; the free version is ad-supported. A streaming service is one you would listen to via your computer or mobile device. The intriguing idea behind Pandora is that you can begin by entering an artist or a song style, and the player will continue to offer similar music based upon your initial selection. As the songs play, you can give thumbs up or thumbs down which "guides" the choice for subsequent tracks. For free accounts, there is currently no limit to the numbers of hours per month that you can listen - although there is a 40 hour per month limit with the free mobile version. The service is only available in the US, New Zealand and Australia, because of licensing requirements. While you can't rewind or replay songs, you can use a limited number of "skips" if you don't want to listen to a particular item. You can also save your choice of music as a "station", and you can have number of saved stations if you create a free account (currently limited to 99). You don't have to create an account just to try the service, which is a nice touch and it's a fun way to find new music.

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