What Is A Raspberry Pi?

It's not misspelled, and it's not edible; Raspberry Pi is a small, low cost, single-board computer with a cute name. About the size of a credit card, it originated in the UK with the intention of providing an inexpensive platform for use in schools. There are other small and inexpensive computer packages - but Raspberry Pi seems to have caught folk's imagination, with over a million sold in 60 countries. It has a CPU, RAM, audio and video outputs, and network and USB ports. Hobbyists love it because it's cheap (around $40), and with some tinkering you can do all kinds of stuff with it. What sort of stuff? It's one of those things like Lego - a simple platform that is seemingly only limited by the builder's imagination; there have been media center PCs, home automation systems, automated cat feeders, Nerf dart-shooting robots...you get the idea.

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