Will Apple's iOS 7 Be A Flat-Out Success?

Apple's iOS operating system, as used on the iPad, iPod and iPhone, has a very definite "look" to it; it presents a shiny, 3D sort of visual appeal - often identified as a skeuomorphic design (now there's a ten-dollar word). The little buttons and icons look like real objects, rather than simple, flat graphics:

However the signs are pretty strong that the next version, iOS 7, may eschew this design motif completely and move more towards the Microsoft Modern (formerly Metro) User Interface - flat colors and more abstract designs. This may be be quite jarring for iPhone users and others, so it's pretty bold move - but the iPhone interface has looked much the same since 2007, which is a long time in "computer years".
Now with Tim Cook at the helm and pressure mounting from rivals in the mobile device market, Apple seems willing to change directions. Bloomberg reported May 1 that Apple is risking delays in a "sweeping" overhaul of iOS.


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