Windows 8 Navigation Tips

Windows 8 is...different; things that were easy to find in previous Windows version are sometimes a bit obscure, for no apparent reason. I'm not sure what Microsoft is trying to accomplish here, but I have a couple of things to help orientate you. For example, if you try to find basic built in programs line Paint or Calculator - where are they? You can right-click on an empty spot on the Start Screen and select "All Apps", but that brings up a very busy screen with a lot of items. The preferred way (the Microsoft way) for you to access these now is to search for it; from the Start Window (the screen with all the "tiles") start typing the name of the application and you should see it shown on the left.

If you notice, there are three categories under the search box that appears when you start typing: Apps, Settings, and Files. In the event you are not searching for an application, but for a file, then you can start typing the file name, then click the "Files" choice and you will see all the files with those letters in the name. Similarly, if you are looking for a particular setting - like something to do with networking - start typing "networking" and click the "Settings" choice.

Another way to access a lot of features like the Control Panel and other system settings is to use the combination of the Windows Key and the "X" key, which brings up a sort of faux Start Menu where you can select from the various choices. Using the Windows Key by itself lets you flip between the Start Menu (screen with the tiles) and the Desktop. Using the Windows Key and the "X" key brings up the "Start" menu from either location.

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