Windows Users Need These Free Apps

The Internet (to which most computer users are connected most of the time) can be a dangerous place; malware abounds, and any known weakness in your software will almost certainly be exploited. This is true of both the operating system itself, and the programs or apps that you use. For Windows users specifically, I can certainly recommend several free apps that can help keep you out of trouble as you surf around. First, make sure you have up-to-date (and working) antivirus software. Second, make sure Windows Updates are current. After that, here are some freebies that will help...

DNS Angel - this allows you to easily use alternate DNS servers, which in turn helps block access to known problem web sites.

Hotspot Shield VPN - a useful resource to protect you when using public WiFi connections (which can be a real problem in some places). Note that the free version is add-supported, but it should be fine for the times that you need to use it. An alternate, similar solution would be VPNBook.

Web Of Trust - a browser plug-in, or add-on, that gives a safety rating to web sites and alerts you to dubious or known bad sites with simple "traffic light" system. An alternate would be McAfee's Site Advisor.

WinPatrol - a little more advanced, an effective system monitor that alerts you to system changes that can happen when malware tries to mess with your system.

Thanks, John D for the alternate suggestions!

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