Apple's Siri Really Cares

The last update to Apple's Siri virtual assistant brought with it an intriguing feature that is both laudable and unusual. Siri can now respond to indications of suicidal language from the user, and respond by offering help via the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. While at first blush that may sound silly, apparently individuals can develop something of a relationship of sorts with Siri - perhaps particularly those who are lonely to begin with. Definitely an unusual and interesting approach to computer interaction, although one wonders where this sort of thing could lead to, for good or ill.
Apple is not saying anything about the changes, although it was clear that it was working with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline several months ago. 
John Draper, director of National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, told ABC News that his outfit is happy to lend a hand and noted that it helped come up with keywords that could better identify a person with suicidal tendencies.

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