Big Data And Breast Cancer Treatment

Big Data is a term that can refer to the computer collection and analysis of huge amounts of data, in this case medical data. One of the goals attributed to the implementation of EMRs (electronic medical records) is to enable us to facilitate that kind of analysis in the hope of helping diagnose and treat diseases in a more effective manner. The IBM supercomputer, Watson, is one such tool that was brought to bear on this kind of work. Another project at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) is reportedly starting to show some promising results after some early work.

After just months of study so far, a multiyear, $100 million enterprise analytics project at UPMC is already starting to show promise in the fight against breast cancer, researchers say.
With the basic architecture of UPMC's leading-edge enterprise data warehouse now in place, Pitt researchers say they've been able to integrate clinical and genomic information for 140 breast cancer patients.
The results show promise for what big data and analytics technology can do to further personalized medicine and the fight against disease, they say.
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