Medical Technology Still Making Miracles

The USA has for many years been the center of medical advances, both from the standpoint of new drugs and treatments to the technical side of things such as scanning technologies and software. The area of medical prosthesis - while sadly driven in large part by the needs of disabled servicemen and women - is still coming up with some pretty mind-blowing advances. You are probably aware that we already have quite sophisticated bionic artificial limbs, where motorized movement can be controlled by contractions of existing muscles in what remains of the patient's real limb. In a science fiction world, these limbs would be controlled by the patient's brain, just like the real limbs are. Well, apparently we are there now - or at least knocking on the door. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has devised an interface that does not require physically plugging into the brain (which is both potentially dangerous and expensive), but which allows the prosthesis to be controlled by thought via some "rewiring" of nerves. Think about that for a second.

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