A Couple Of "More Private" Search Engines

Search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc) give you search results based upon their interpretation of what you are searching for by the words that you enter, but also from previous searches you have made.

They also log the search results for a period of time (typically months rather than days, and which may be tied to the IP address of the computer you are using).

Online privacy has become a topic of consideration following the NSA surveillance revelations. So if you want to reign in your exposure a bit, you might consider one of these alternative search engines. - uses Google's search algorithm, but does not log personally identifiable information nor IP addresses (unlike other popular search engines). You can also view results via a "proxy" service (see below), meaning that your real IP address is not given to the site you visit using that link - quite cool. - uses it's own search algorithm, does not log personally identifiable information nor IP addresses.

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