Privacy, NSA, PRISM, Etc

Well folks, at this point I think the safest thing is to assume that we effectively do not have any expectation of privacy in our electronic communications; that would include phone calls (land line or cell phone), email, social media postings, blog posts, blog comments and so on. The Patriot Act and the legislation resulting from it have been embraced and the scope expanded since its introduction after that dark day in September 2001. While I understand the desire to intercept the plans and schemes of terrorists and the like, it saddens me tremendously that we have come to this. 

I am originally from the UK and when I first arrived here in the early 1980's I marveled at the written provisions of the US Constitution, and the guarantees is contains. Regardless, an unknown number of US Citizens (all of us?), are now being monitored by government agencies on a daily basis with only (I suppose) a "blanket" suspicion to go on. The US is becoming like every other country in the world, instead of something special - a country that at least aspired to be that "Shining city on a hill" that President Regan often spoke of.

Why metadata matters - Electronic Frontier Foundation

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