Remember This? 2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey was a landmark 1968 Stanley Kubrick movie that blew quite a few minds when it was in theaters - and since. Both the story and the approach to the "future technology" depicted in the movie were unique at the time for a commercial motion picture.

The story was based upon Arthur C Clarke's short story The Sentinel, and is nothing less than an "ancient astronauts" tale, where extraterrestrials were (and continue to be) intimately involved in Mankind's evolution and destiny - heady stuff.

With Stanley Kubrick, at the helm you already should be braced for something a bit different, and what you get is an often beautiful, sometimes clinical, and occasionally infuriatingly obscure movie that covers millions of years. The realistic visual effects are still impressive today, and the technology presented is mostly a thoughtful extension of what they had in the 1960s, as you would expect from Mr. Clarke.

The seemingly odd but inspired choice of a classical music soundtrack elevates the material even a little more. An additional character, the HAL9000 computer, plays with the notion of an artificial intelligence becoming self-aware, or at least "thinking" outside it's mission parameters - to chilling effect. Quite a trip.

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