Struggling To Keep Safe Online

It's a rough and tumble existence out there on the Internet, with all kinds of malware, security exploits and apparently rampant snooping going on. Bitdefender has an interesting approach with a sort of hybrid product called Bitdefender Safepay. It's a special kind of browser that runs in a sandbox environment, the goal being to protect your credit card information, account numbers or any other sensitive data while accessing different online locations, such as shopping and bank sites. 

A sandbox, in computer terms, is a "sectioned off" area of the computer that isolates the browser (in this case) from the rest of the computer. While there are other Sandbox apps available, such as SandboxIE, this is an attempt at an "all-in-one" approach. While Google Chrome and some other browsers use sandboxing already for some things, it's not specifically aimed at those of use performing online transactions. I don't recommend downloading and trying this yet, as it's still in beta (they are still working out the kinks), but it may be a glimpse of things to come.

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