You Might Be A Boomer If...

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, I have a few thoughts on how you might self-identify as a baby boomer. Some are mine, most are by smarter people that I...

You might be a boomer if...

... you have used a rotary dial phone, a fountain pen or a slide rule/slipstick

... you think of the Lone Ranger when you hear the William Tell Overture

... you remember those smelly Ditto spirit duplicator machines

... you have heard of, or used, "pig Latin"

... you used to "duck and cover" at school

... you used "race-appropriate" facilities in Southern US states

... you got grades for handwriting

... you remember cars with metal dashboards and no seat belts

... you recall the guy at the gas station checking the oil in the family car

... you used to have to wait for the TV or radio to "warm up"

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