Remember This? 35mm Film Photography

If traditional photography using film and chemical processing is not dead, it's in a coma and not looking to make a full recovery. Most everyone loves to take photos of memorable moments, and pretty much every family has a collection of photos of vacations, or of the kids doing what kids do - except now it's almost certainly a collection of images taken by a digital camera or a smartphone. Until relatively recently though, the way most folk would preserve their memories was with a point and shoot camera using 35mm film.

Photographic film was pioneered by George Eastman (the Kodak guy) in the late 1800's, and was used by consumers and professionals alike for over a century, coming in various formats depending on the type of photographs. The most popular consumer format was 35mm, and the canister package shown below was frequently used. After the roll of film was used, you would rewind it into the light-tight canister and have it processed (or do it yourself, if you had the equipment).

Back in the day, Mrs. OldGoat and I used to do our own black and white developing and printing (color equipment and chemicals was a bit too expensive at that time) - it was quite a lot of fun. Now, one can fiddle around in a digital image program to do any "dodging and burning", or to do so many other steps that would have required considerable expertise and time in a traditional darkroom.

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