The New Amazon Kindle Fire Sounds Like A Winner

Amazon is preparing to bring it, with a revamped Kindle Fire line this Fall. The current Kindle Fire is a full fledged tablet, not "just" an eReader like its popular namesake. The Fire is a very Amazon-centric tablet, as you might expect; Amazon wants you to readily be able to buy books, movies, music and all kids of stuff from their online store. As such, the hardware is probably sold close to cost, or even at a loss, and the money is made by the content you will surely purchase. The new version of the device ups the ante in just about every way with much improved hardware specifications.
BGR reports, via unnamed sources, that Amazon's upcoming Kindle Fire HD tablets will have top of the line specs and they’ll give any competitor a run for their money. According to this report Amazon’s fall line-up will consist of three tablets, a refresh of the low-end Kindle Fire and some seriously upgraded versions of the Kindle Fire HD slates.
Stuff! Stuff you can buy!!

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