The Paper Clip And The DVD Drive

Ever had a CD or DVD get stuck in your computer? If you look closely at the DVD drive on your computer or laptop, you may see a tiny hole - you probably never noticed it before. This is actually so you can eject a stuck CD disk if the mechanism jams, or if the computer will not power on. The trick is that you can use straightened-out paper clip, and push that into the hole - a paper clip is both small enough and firm enough, as it can require a little bit of force to actually eject the disk. Just push the clip straight in until you feel resistance - then push a bit more. The tray should pop out and you can then grasp it and gently pull it the rest of the way out and get at your precious disk. This is for drives with a tray, not the fancier slot-loading drives. Cool, huh?

Thar she blows!

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